Amy Flippo


Memories make a house a home. That has always been my main motivator. I have been in the real estate business since 2015. From the start, my goal was to find a place my clients could feel there very best and be proud of their beautiful new home. I love what a home represents. I have been exploring many ideas on how I can service my clients even more. With a background in events and retail store management, it only makes sense to provide my current clients, locals and travelers with a Brick & Mortar! Not only can I help the community build relationships with their new neighbors, I can now help fill their homes with beautiful treasures.


Anna Odemchuk


I’ve always loved everything about home. Real Estate really opened my eyes to home design. Not only that, but I found my passion in people. Helping others and being grounded in my community has really shaped who I am today. I’m so excited to bring that to our shop. I hope this is a place we can inspire you, help make your dream a reality, bring our community together, and get to know you over a cup of coffee. Come in, our door is always open!